Better Together

Grade: K-5

When: Before School
Days: Monday
Months:  October - May
About:  The Better Together Club is offered to boys and girls in Kindergarten through fifth grade. During the course of the year, students are required to read 26 books (30 pages = 1 book for older students), “right” the community by performing 26 good deeds, and run 26 miles. The final mile is completed with Fort Zumwalt Better Together participants from other elementary schools.  Each runner receives a medal at the finish line. At each meeting we stretch, run a mile, and perform a good deed, if time permits. The majority of the miles and good deeds are done at home, as well as reading requirements. The Better Together Club will be split into primary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5) groups. Each group will meet separately once a month. Meetings are held on Monday mornings at 8:00 a.m. in the small gym.